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                                                                        Langham Automatic Co., Ltd. 

Langham Automatic Co., Ltd. (Langham) was founded in 2014, a high-tech startup focusing on R&D, manufacturing, sales & marketing of advanced mechanical power transmission equipment such as motors, servo motors, servo governors. Led by Dr. Roger Lao and CTO senior engineer Mr. John Shen, Langham has a very strong R&D capability with over 20 R&D staff and more than 30 patented technologies worldwide in the field of mechanical power transmission controls.

All Langham products are branded under the registered name NoviTrans® which originates from two Latin words "novitas transmissio" with the implication of "innovative transmission". With exclusively patented technologies, Langham successfully developed a whole new breed of integrated intelligent motors with precision production techniques and significantly enhanced the traditional motors with great value added. NoviTrans® Motors / NoviMotors® have some critical state of the art built-in technical features which revolutionise the traditional application of industrial motors. All equipments/circuits on the secondary control loop are saved (not required any more) with the application of NoviMotors® which significantly cuts the overall costs for end-users and greatly enhance the efficiency of installation, operation and maintenance of the power/dynamic systems. Langham has a reliable and robust product quality management system and is able to scale up the production the meet clients' demand. In addition, Langham provides tailor-made technical solutions for clients in various sectors.