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Langham Automatic Co., Ltd


Langham Automatic Co., Ltd. (Langham) was founded in 2014, a high-tech startup focusing on R&D, manufacturing, sales & marketing of advanced mechanical power transmission equipment such as motors, servo motors, servo governors. Led by Dr. Roger Lao and CTO senior engineer Mr. John Shen, Langham has a very strong R&D capability with over 20 R&D staff and more than 30 patented technologies worldwide in the field of mechanical power transmission controls.

The firm specializes in 1 HP AC three phase permanent magnet synchronous motors and servo motors in the industrial applications of food and beverage manufacturing, product assembly lines, product packaging lines, and logistics conveying systems.


 Langham’s branded RevoTrans® industrial motors and integrated servo motors have significant differentiating features that are second-to-none in the world.


RevoTrans® YFM motor series (AC Three Phase General Purpose PMSM):


  ● Flexible power transmission

  ● Automatic current limiting control

  ● Self starting, overload, stalling protection

  ●  Constant torque sustainability during stalling


RevoTrans® YVF motor series (AC Three Phase PMSM based Servo System) :


  ●  Integrated servo motor system including servo motor, drive, and control

  ●  Miniaturization design and compact structure

  ● Simple operations through local control panel with no requirement of software programming knowledge


All Langham products are branded under the registered name RevoTrans® which originates from two Latin words " revolutionary transmissio" with the implication of "innovative transmission". With exclusively patented technologies, Langham successfully developed a whole new breed of integrated intelligent motors with precision production techniques and significantly enhanced the traditional motors with great value added.